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sarah-15-429x600Sarah Callender lives in Seattle with her husband, her son, and her daughter (Doing Business As: el Husbandio, Buddy and Sweetie, respectively). She also has two cats, one with a weight problem, the other with at least seven nervous habits.

Sarah is a writer, working on her third novel while her agent pitches the first two to publishers. She is a terrible house-cleaner, a lover of chocolate and musicals, and a complete cheapskate, but she has no trouble spending money on good chocolate and musicals. She goes to church because she believes in God and because she feels better when she remembers she doesn’t have to be in charge of everything.

In addition to believing in God, she also believes in recycling and wearing sunscreen every day, year-round. She loves big hats. She loves 5:00 p.m. (wine, usually Riesling) and 7:00 p.m. (the hour at which it is socially acceptable to get in her pajamas). She loves books, but only certain kinds of books. Good books, for example. Books written by folks who care about words and don’t use gratuitous adverbs. She does not abide slimy foods like custard and fried eggs, nor does she believe six- year-old tee-ballers need trophies.

Oh, and yes, the underwear thing. Because she often does too much on not enough sleep, she makes frequent and stupid mistakes, like forgetting to bring her kids’ swimsuits to the swimming pool, like putting the milk in the pantry instead of the fridge, like leaving inappropriate websites on her computer screen when the children are around, and yes, like inadvertently wearing her underpants inside-out.

  1. Love it! So relevant to my life and yes I too have worn my undies inside out and am usually just thankful I remember to put them on!! Promise to be a regular..

  2. Yay, Sara. Thanks so much for your comment. And to all of my friends and family, please keep those comments coming . . . I WANT this less like a soliloquy and more like a chat.

    And yes, Mark James. Men are most certainly welcome.

  3. Looking forward to the next post and the one after that. You have an amazing way with words and we are lucky to be able to read them for free. I promise to pay for your book when it comes out!

  4. Oh, this makes me smile! Looking forward to your future posts as I enjoy smiling. I want to hear more about that pesky whisker (I have one too) and why you don’t like fried eggs (one of my favorite foods.)

  5. Oh Sarah, I’m so lucky to call you my friend. Thanks for making my day.

  6. I am really excited for you…well, this! πŸ˜‰ Look forward to more laughter!

  7. Just so you know, Kasey Downing will buy your book when it goes on sale. And please be honest about the inside-out underwear thing (that you really only change your underwear every other day). And also can you write something about how annoying it is when kids put their laundry in the basket and it’s always inside-out? And one more thing, what is the opposite of inside-out? Outside-in? Because I’ve tried to explain this to my kids but it’s hard when I don’t know what I’m saying. Thank you for finally doing this!!! Reisling kisses always.

  8. Until my mid-twenties, I referred to the opposite of inside-out as inside-right – no idea if adults in my family said that or if I came up with it and nobody corrected me. Looking forward to your blog!

  9. You move fast neighbor! Didn’t you just ask me this morning about blogs? Don’t look out your bedroom window, I am just sitting on my bum in the yard noticing our under-watered sad garden. Your motivation, energy, honesty and all you do is so inspiring to me!

  10. You are funny, smart, and totally genuine! Thanks for keeping it real, sister! Look forward to reading your blog.

  11. I agree, not all six year old tee-ballers need trophies. Look forward to reading your posts.

  12. Bravissima, Sarah. Now I don’t have to wait until an email response to get my fix of your wonderful writing talent.

    The opposite of inside-out is right-side-out, at least in my house. But then again we think a treelawn is called a devil strip.

    As for participatory trophies, the great philosopher Tanner from The Bad News Bears (it was on at 1 am on TCM last week, don’t ask)summed it up, “Hey Yankees… you can take your apology and your trophy and shove ’em straight up your…” Well, anyway, thanks for sharing your over-abundant talent. Look forward to more and to Mark James’ responses.

    • you’re great. thanks so much, paulie.

      today, will asked me who my favorite Blue Jay is. apparently, he’s become a Toronto fan behind my back. his obsession with anything baseball makes me think of you, of course. πŸ™‚

      hugs to the fam.

  13. Sarah, You are so funny! You brighten my day when I read your fb status updates! Thanks for making us smile about the little things in life! It brings back memories when Alissa and Ken were little!

  14. So happy there is a place that I get to go now to read MORE! I love your first entries and smiled throughout. I can’t wait for my next email pop up on the underpants blog. I have missed seeing your fun self.

  15. Kasey D. sent up the bat signal about your blog and so I only meant to take a peek and instead read the whole bleed’n thing. Honestly, you seem to find the funny in almost everything don’t you? Opened your blog, and wham, hilarity ensued. I’m looking forward to your next post. Cheers.

  16. FINALLY, we can all get our sc essential life factoid installments and humor on a regular basis. This might be your best medium yet. Though, admittedly, I’m feeling a little self-conscious as your car pool partner. Feel free to utilize the effing tactic with my children as necessary. Personally, I have found it ineffective, but people tell me that my kids are much more compliant without me. Can’t tell you how proud (and impressed) I am of you for making so much happen in your writing career in the last few years. While the rest of us (OK, maybe just me) have been simply trying to keep all of our offspring alive, laugh more often than scream, and stave off the last 20 pounds — you have managed to thrive creatively. Bravo my friend! Can’t wait for more.

  17. Truth be told, I am writing this note because I want to see what kind of cute graphic your page assigns me (and I love your blog!) xoxo

  18. I found your blog through your post at Writer’s Unboxed and now I just can’t stop reading! I love this bio — we are definitely writing from a similar writer/mom balance beam (not to mention the effing car — why are my kids so slow when I’m running late already?) I would love to chat with you more about writing and kids and the whole novel process — it seems like we are in a similar place there as well. Do you have a twitter account? So glad to find your blog and your voice!

    • You are so kind, Lisa! Thank you so much for reading, and HUGE congrats to you about being in the querying process. That’s fabulous. Please keep me posted as you’re on that journey. It’s really just one hurdle after another . . . and to write while homeschooling? Holy smokes, you are amazing. Thanks for your great comments and encouragement. So fun to meet another mom-writer. πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Sarah, Ann “Ingie” told me about your web-site. We’ve heard so much about your book( proud and unbiased parents who kind of live next door). I also love large hats and the the sun( i.e. the large hats). I can barely remember the days of milk in the pantry etc. This too shall pass…or now I can’t admit it because I don’t have 2 young children running around and distracting me anymore). However, unlike you, I never looked forward to getting into my pj’s by 7:00 p.m. because it seemed like I just had gotten out of my pj’s…yes, we had days like that in the dark ages before the pace of today’s world…I was known to even carpool in my pj’s. Somehow my kids grew up somewhat normal and I seem to remember only the grand times. I never knew we shared the passion for chocolate and musicals…I often sing the tunes, even though I’m off-key. My kids would groan when I broke out with “The Orinda Hills Are Alive…”. Julie Andrew was a favorite. Yes, I love reading too and I write a bit as well( a secret passion )…some poetry and short essays. I love my tutoring as I hear you do too…it has kept me young(??), maybe I should say “younger” . I hear age is not really chronologically important…or did I make that up?? I only hear what I want to…I love being 66. So many of my students know about my chocolate thing that I could open a store out of my home at the hoidays …Leigh tells me I can’t re-gift them ( somehow not allowed anymore) so Doug and I have no other choice but to eat them. Oh, well, I hear that you have to die of something; it might as well be chocolate overdose!! I wish you the best and please send me an advance copy of BETWEEN THE SUN AND THE ORANGES. Our book club supports new writers so you are officially assured 10 plus copies sold. HeeHee. However, I know it will be a best seller and I can brag to everyone that I knew the author when she was a neighbor (who is now rich and famous) when she was just the sweetest, most adorable little girl who got on the bus with my son and even drove him to school when she got older. I’m all ready for my interview. Have fun ( I am), Best xo Ruth Fortune

    • Oh, thanks Ruth, for the lovely and funny note. Your encouragement means so much! Please give my best to Doug, Don, Leigh. Hugs to all of your fab grandkids too.

  20. Hi Sarah,
    I have a question I wanted to ask you, if you have time. Can you email me? flowerpotsun (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you!!

  21. Sarah, I know you’ve been working on a novel, though I don’t recall hearing the title until now. Hey, ya got this set up to notify you, I hope, when someone posts in your About Me!

    I LOVE your title BETWEEN THE SUN AND THE ORANGES! Any chance you’d spill some tasty little tidbits regarding the subject matter? I’m all a-flutter in anticipation to go right out and buy it! Really. I promise to be one of the first. You are simply too, too talented to pass this by.

    I feel a bit like I’m stalking you. When I get your posts in my inbox, I put everything aside to read immediately! Maybe it’s the floppy hat, or maybe it is simply because you love The Sound of Music ~ more likely it is because you told Sweetie to get into the effing car on your way to church ~ yep, I think that’s it. YOU ARE an EVERYWOMAN!

    So, I just remembered that this is not a private email, but rather out there for everyone in God’s creation to see and judge. (Please be kind. I’m only slightly touched in the head.)

    I think we’re going to be great friends. Even if it is, only in the funny papers.

    Love! Scarlett

  22. Sarah…I love your writing style. It’s amazing how you (today’s everywoman) could be writing about me 30+ years ago. You definitely put a smile on my face.

  23. Hi Sarah, I’m enjoying this blog, and enjoyed your presentation at PNWA last week. I was hoping to obtain some of the materials you mentioned (i.e. the query letter). The sign up sheet didn’t make it around to me. Again, thanks for the great information last week and for doing what you do!

  24. I just “met” you today and oh! my! gosh! we sound like we are twins, from the chocolate addiction on down the line. I am stunned and encouraged as I have completed five children’s books, pro edited, and need an agent and am doing a final proofread of my novel and eating so much chocolate I am concerned. I am owned by two cats…one with asthma and another one who is soooo submissive to my tuxedo cat…..So, we have very simialr profiles except I am single, albeit with four adult children and sadly my parents and twin are deceased. Sneakers, the tuxedo cat, is sitting on my desk right now staring at my keyboard and I can hear him saying(not really) “Get on with it. It is my lunch time and you have a writer’s group to get to”!!!So, I will feed Sneakers, but I am so happy to have “found you” .:o))

  25. So excited to connect with a fellow hat/chocolate/musicals lover and writer who makes me laugh.

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