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In Faith, Writing on April 10, 2013 at 6:18 am

For most of the winter, I have been sitting at my computer, working on Book #2, wearing my long, down puffer coat that, according to Lands End, will keep me warm in Northern Michigan in the month of February.

It wasn’t until mid-March that I realized how silly that was. Uncomfortable too. Not that I do a lot of moving around while I’m writing, but a puffer coat–for good reason–likes to really snuggle up against its human. I felt constricted and puffered out. I had had enough.

So of course, I went to Amazon. Of course I did a search for “Snuggie Blanket with Arms.” Of course, I stumbled across a Wonder Woman Snuggie. This one:

Of course, I purchased it. Really, have you ever seen such a flattering, slimming Snuggie?

Now, when I am writing, I am much more comfortable. I am snug as a bug AND I have full use of my arms. Plus, I crack myself up each time I see my reflection in the window. Warmth and comedic relief in one Snuggie? I’m sold.

But what about the tough and chilling times of life when there is no Wonder Woman Snuggie? When there’s nothing we can order on Amazon to make us feel more comfortable with Life’s discomforts? When our only choice is, simply, to muddle through?

Friends, follow me over here where I blog about the challenge (and the importance) of getting comfy with life’s inevitable discomforts. And should you want to purchase a Snuggie for yourself, you know where to go.