Sarah R. Callender


In General on September 20, 2013 at 2:39 pm

Hello faithful readers,

Thank you for your recent patience. This summer I forced myself to focus on my fiction (so I could finish Book #2) and now, as my reward, I get to return to Inside-out Underpants. I’m both excited and hopeful that you’ll forgive the lapse in posts.

I do have a post percolating (about spider webs and fruit flies and mental illness–three things I’ve got going on in my yard/kitchen/brain), that I’ll share once it’s all prettied up. Oh, and incidentally, I just did a Google search for “fruit fly,” hoping there would be a cute photo of a cute little fruit fly to include in my note to you, but I now understand that sometimes Love means not showing your readers a fruit fly photo.

On the fiction front, my agent will start submitting Book #2 in October (i.e. she will start pitching it to editors with the hope that they will purchase and publish it), and gosh, how I love my agent . . . talk about patient and faithful!

I’m hopeful I’ll have some happy news to share, about either Book #1 and/or #2, sometime soon, hopefully before the fruit flies carry me off to the loony bin.

In the mean time, happy autumn to you all.

Talk soon,


PS–I welcome any fruit fly remedies.




  1. No, Love means never having to say you’re sorry (or explain). I know because I’m old enough to recall a maudlin movie from 1970. Regarding your fruit flies, I’m not sure they are as trainable as fleas, but you could always try for a circus…? It would give new meaning to the term “Flying Trapeze.”

    Have a great weekend, Funny Girl (sorry, another movie from my youth flashed through my brain).

    • Brilliant, Vaughn. Did you know that the fancy name for fruit fly is Drosophila melanogaster? You can feel free to use name for your next fiction villain. Or, if WE ever decide to take over the Entire Literary Tri-State Area, I’ll be Drosophila and you can be Melanogaster. I’ll make the capes. We’ll be really eeeevil.

      Meantime, I’m going to see if I can find a very, very tiny unicycle on EBay. It might have to be made out of an overripe banana.

  2. Sarah, we empathize with your plight. Following is my best prescription: pour 1/4 cup cider vinegar in a small bowl. Add a drop of liquid dish soap. Cover bowl tightly with plastic wrap and poke a few holes in the top. In a small glass with ice, pour 1/4 cup whiskey. Drink.

  3. Hey! I think Scroggs stole that one from me. And yes, you can definitely substitute Riesling.

  4. Another great post. And great news about book #2. Spiders, yes. It’s the season for them. I found one the size of a Buick in the basement the other day. I thought about charging rent, but then I ran away instead, much the wiser course.

    • Is it spider season on the Island, too? Holy eight-legs; they are EVerywhere. Hardly and hour goes by where I don’t walk right into one of their webby masterpieces. Makes me feel horrible.

  5. I’ve missed reading your voice. I do a catch and release with fruit flies. Lord knows I have the time. I put part of a banana in a jar, rubberband on some plastic wrap, poke a few small holes for entry (they’re not bright enough to exit) and then it fills up overnight with the little buggers. You can drown them or release them to a neighbours delight. And I recommend a pint of cider as you ease your way into autumn and a life without fruit-flies. xo Laura

  6. I don’t want to brag, but (thanks to your suggestions and empathy) I have now ended the already-short lives of nineteen fruit flies. In only thirty minutes! Thank you!

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