Sarah R. Callender


In General, Writing on November 4, 2011 at 5:59 am

Dear Readers,

Today I have the great honor of guest blogging over at Writer Unboxed. Care to follow me over there? Just click here. The post pertains to writers, sure, but it’s also for anyone who’s ever wondered something. And I bet you have.

Happy day to you all!

  1. Wonderful article and insight! I never really thought of self-doubt could be a good thing for a writer!

    Brittany Roshelle

    The Write Stuff

  2. Hi Sarah,
    too many comments over there. 🙂
    Just want to tell you I loved your post. I loved Jellico Road!!! One of my favorite books. The beauty of that writing hollows out my insides.

  3. I just read a guest post of yours over on Write it Sideways. I would have commented there except every link seems to go to something that says Whoops… Finding you on here is a bonus, as it happens, because I’ve enjoyed the recent posts.
    I thought your thing about calling yourself a writer was good. I guess not knowing when to do that is another of those ‘wrong kind of doubts’ that you refer to on Writer Unboxed. I had the same doubts myself, though why I don’t know. I go to two writers groups, so I must be a writer, right? Maybe.
    I think I finally gave myself permission when I knew that I had sold over a hundred books to complete strangers and they haven’t written reviews saying don’t buy this book. It’s not a high threshold, but it feels like too many to be an accident, so I must be a writer.
    Now back to the other kind of doubts.

    • Thanks so much, Rod. I really appreciate you toodling over to my blog. Heck, selling 100+ books to total strangers? That’s huge. No accident at all. Keep up the writing, Mr. Writer! And, thanks again for your kind words. Have a great day.

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